Psychology and Family Law

The following is a brief article on Psychology and Family Law.  A comprehensive guide and precedent orders written by Denise King can be purchased on

Psychology and Family Law

Family Law Clients are often faced with significant emotional difficulties that may make it difficult for them to focus rationally on the practical issues that are involved when people separate.

Denise King can provide consultation, guidance and counselling, if a psychologist is needed to do psychological assessment, independent psychologists should be employed.

The psychologist can also attend a conference with the lawyers and clients if this would be helpful. Psychologists  can provide ongoing counselling for the parents to help them through the difficult stage of separation while ensuring a good adjustment for the children.

If there are psychiatric problems, then a psychiatrist should become involved. 

If there are conflicting issues regarding children, the employment of a psychologist experienced in children's issues, and the use of psychometric tests that are appropriate for identifying issues that may be causing conflict between the parents and affecting children, and make recommendations, can be beneficial provided the psychologist is experienced in family law issues and appropriate psychometric tests.  This can then provide the parents with information that may assist them to negotiate an agreement about the children based on objective information. 

Such tests may be useful for property settlements also as they can identify both needs and conflicts that may be blocking a possible agreement between the parties on settlement of property. 

In the long term this would be a much quicker, less stressful and less expensive process than court proceedings. 

A lawyer is needed to finalise and make legally binding any agreements reached by the parties or to obtain consent orders from the court and Denise King is happy to work with psychologists and counsellors when necessary to provide this.  Other than for consent orders, court is not preferable for anyone.  It is stressful, expensive and the outcomes are usually not what is expected or desired.