Property Settlements

There are sometimes only a few issues such as family home, cars, furniture, possibly other vehicles such as boats, caravans, motorbikes, tools, jewellery, personal items and some investments, superannuation etc. that need to be divided.  In other cases there may be businesses, companies, inheritances, taxes, contributions, children, health and age issues, or other special circumstances. 

Whatever the issues, there can usually be some monetary value or weight placed on each and division can be achieved objectively provided the emotions of the separation, vindictiveness toward the spouse, power plays and egos don't override the logical calculations. 

There is no doubt some loss for everyone associated with separation and divorce and fears of where this will lead can also cloud the ability to think objectively.  However, thinking objectively can result in the loss being less than when emotions take over and increase conflict resulting in less likelihood of negotiating an earlier and reasonable settlement.

The use of financial consultants and accountants together with the lawyer can often assist in more complex cases where there is a significant amount of assets and liabilities to be considered and this is encouraged by Erina Legal.

It is not necessary to spend money and stressful time by having property settled at court.  Unless one party or both are acting unreasonably or emotionally, it is possible for agreements to be negotiated and legally binding financial agreements written by solicitors and the majority of people do this.

Erina Legal does not provide court representation.