Denise King BA (Psychology & Education) Post Graduate Psychology and Conflict Resolution, Certificate in Mediation,
LLB LLM (honours) Published author.

Less Expensive Options

Court Proceedings can be very stressful, time consuming and expensive. 

Denise King provides consultations about less expensive options, and educates clients about ways of achieving a negotiated agreement without making application to the Courts unless absolutely necessary. 

Children's Issues

Denise King has a Master of Laws (honours) by research on high conflict children's cases in the Family Courts from a cross-discipline approach (law and psychology).

A guide to the use of psychologists in high conflict children's cases and precedent orders written by Denise King can be purchased on

Property Settlements

Denise King can assist parties to calculate what is a fair and reasonable agreement without having to resort to court proceedings.

Court proceedings are long and expensive.  Parties could have to struggle without resolution for a significant amount of time leaving them unable to get on with their lives and at a high cost financially and emotionally.

Usually when applications are made to the court, the parties and their lawyers are encouraged to negotiate agreements while attending the court listings that are months apart.  Such negotiations can occur without waiting for court listings in a more timely and less expensive way.

Legal Agreements


Agreements for parenting of children should be filed as Consent Orders at Court so that if conflict arises in the future, the Court can enforce the agreement. 

It is not necessary to have mediation if Consent Orders are being filed  Consent Orders can be filed whether written by a lawyer or the parties, although it is helpful to use lawyers who are trained in writing orders acceptable to the Court.

Although Denise King has been a mediator in the past, she no longer practices as a mediator, only as  an educator and counsellor.  However, having had significant experience and education as a lawyer and mediator, she can guide clients toward reaching an agreement that can then be taken to a lawyer.


Agreements about property can be either filed at Court as Consent Orders, or can be made into a legally binding Financial Agreement.

As for children's consent orders, it is better to ask a lawyer to write the orders that the court is likely to approve, although it is possible for parties to write their own consent orders.
For Financial Agreements, each party needs to have independent legal advice with a certificate that this has taken place for the agreement to be legally binding. 

Using her many years experience as a lawyer and mediator, Denise King is able to educate clients to negotiate an agreement and assist them in writing legal agreements before they take this to independent lawyers for a certificate of independent legal advice, and filing the agreement if necessary. 

Family Agreements

Denise King has had a wide range of experience of family situations and can assist clients to make family agreements to avoid future conflicts, changes in memory and understanding.

Often families need to share property arrangements, loan money etc.  Even though this is done amicably and often for love of family, conflicts can arise because of differences in understanding of what is meant at the time and also because people do not think of future consequences of what they are doing.

Part of a solicitor's job is to assess possible future risks from their experience with dealing with other family situations.  Risks that are often not even thought of by the family members at the time when they are trying to resolve an immediate situation.

It is wise to seek the advice of a solicitor, have a lengthy conference to consider all aspects of what is being done and what the future consequences and needs of all the parties may be, then have everything written into a Family Agreement, Deed or Acknowledgement of Understanding.  This ensures that all parties understand each other and that in future they have a record of what their intention was when making the agreement, rather than fighting over details that people have forgotten or had thought was different to the other party or parties.